Strict hygiene measures secure global coco coir supply

Thanks to the efforts of various Sri Lankan coco peat producers, the export of coir and substrate can continue. “We’re strictly following the rules of the public health care organisations and are allowed and able to continue business”, Shan Halamba, CEO of Riococo says. “It’s important to us to continue operations, but also for the […]

Buy the coconut coir bricks from RIOCOCO as effective liners between the soil mix

Buy 100% OMRI-certified coconut coir bricks from RIOCOCO at affordable rates

RIOCOCO furnishes biodegradable and 100% organic coconut coir bricks for highly effective propagation media and soil-based or tank farming cultivation methods. Extensively utilized by cultivators all over the world as the most adaptable and organic growing medium for plants, the coco coir mix, and starter blocks are obtained from the matured coconut husks. Such 100% organic and […]

Pros of Using Coco peat for hydroponics

Gain with the active eco-friendly fillers of coco peat hydroponics from RIOCOCO

Utilizing the adaptable and organic propagation medium of coco peat has been prevalent amongst cultivators globally, especially when considering tank farming methods. Such a 100% natural by-product of coconut husk can prove to be the highly functional biodegradable resource that is exclusive for the aquaculture techniques of procreation. This natural growth medium helps in generating […]


The Benefits of Coconut Coir Growing Media that Most Growers Boast About

Coconut coir is the best alternative growing media for hydroponics. It is a proven natural alternative growing media. Therefore, using coconut coir not only helps slow down peat extraction from environmentally sensitive swamps worldwide but also have several benefits for hydroponic growers. When you grow without traditional growing media that is soil, you have many […]