coco peat

Fetch the chemically inert seed starter media of coco peat hydroponics

Sustainable and versatile plant propagation media of coco peat, the 100% organic ingredient of coconut husk has been extensively used by cultivators for decades. More recently, the completely biodegradable resource is increasingly being used as an effective propagation medium for plant growth, especially with tank farming techniques or hydroponics. In this context, the leading coco peat, and coco fibre manufacturers and suppliers of RIOCOCO, established in Sri Lanka, operating under Ceyhinz Link International Inc. helps to provide the appropriate eco-friendly crop growing medium of coco peat hydroponics, bringing in an enhanced greener environment for the agriculturists.

Derive the 100% organic coco peat hydroponics product from RIOCOCO, as optimal growth medium for crops

How Effective Is The Coco Peat Plant Propagation Media For Aquaculture Techniques?

The significantly lightweight, completely biodegradable, and 100% natural coconut by-product of coco peat or coco pith is acquired from the matured and decomposed coconut husks. The soft and mushy, non-fibrous coco peat comes with the maximum level of Water-Holding Capacity (WHC) and Air-Filled Porosity (AFP), which is derived from the five-time continuous super-retting method of this by-product in fresh water and later in brine water over a few months.

With such super-absorptive abilities, the peat product can intake up to 10x water of its weight, thereby supplying the essential 30% oxygen to the roots network, and boosting the plants to grow rapidly. Besides, the coco peat also possesses the unique oxygen-generating natural polymer of the complex lignin substance, which specifically assists to strengthen the support tissues and root structure of the plants. It also develops the robustness of the root system through the intake of useful bacteria, resulting in the removal of pest and fungus problems.

Again, having a neutral level of pH (5.5 to 6.5), the coco peat can be directly added to the nutrient solution under the aquaculture method of cultivation, negating the requirement of any lime mixture. RIOCOCO brings forth such complete organic coco peat in the form of a starter block of brick shape, which can be easily broken and allocated to the tank farming nutrient solution for optimal plant growth. Nevertheless, the agronomists can also add inflated clay balls or perlite along with the coco peat of enhancing the water drainage functions.

What Fundamental Privileges Can Be Gained By Adding Coco Peat To The Nutrient Solution?

Fully Ecological Aquaculture Process

The 100% organic coconut by-product of coco peat comes with exclusive antibacterial properties, while completely non-reactive to chemicals; hence they can be safely added to the nutrient solution directly used in hydroponic cultivation. Now, the horticulturists can also use other natural propagation ingredients such as vermiculite, peat moss, or perlite, by mixing these with the tank farming solution for optimal plant growth, while averting any decaying of the root structure.

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Optimally Effective Germinating Medium 

The fully organic coconut by-product of coco peat is also highly functional as a seed starter or germinating media, thereby helping agronomists with the maximum fertilization of crops and flowers. In this context, agriculturists need to primarily add the coco peat in the form of a disc or block directly in the nutrient water-based mixture under the aquaculture method of plant propagation.

Winding Up

RIOCOCO has proven to be the most successful producer and supplier of the sustainable production of coco peat hydroponics, which is the most feasible, and user-friendly plant growth medium. Hence, it is sensible to procure such completely renewable products from this prominent greenhouse restoration enterprise that has more than 15 years of in-depth expertise and serves over 47 nations globally in the agronomical industry.