Coir, or coconut fibre, is a natural fibre extracted from the husk of coconut. It is renewablesource and husks are immersed in fresh water for 4-6 weeks and then the fibre is mechanically extracted. Coir is the fibrous material found between the hard, internal shell and the outer coat of a coconut. We manufacture:


Brown fibre

The fibrous husks are soaked in pits or in nets in a slow-moving body of water to swell and soften the fibres. The long bristle fibres are separated from the shorter mattress fibres underneath the skin of the nut, a process known as wet-milling. The mattress fibres are sifted to remove dirt and other rubbish, dried in the sun and packed into bales. The coir fibre is elastic enough to twist without breaking and it holds a curl as though permanently waved. The longer bristle fibre is washed in clean water and then dried before being tied into bundles or hanks. It may then be cleaned and 'hackled' by steel combs to straighten the fibres and remove any shorter fibre pieces.

White fibre

The immature husks are suspended in a river or water-filled pit for up to ten months. During this time, micro-organisms break down the plant tissues surrounding the fibres to loosen them — a process known as retting. The Segments of the husk are then beaten with iron rods to separate out the long fibres which are subsequently dried and cleaned.


Bristle fibre

Bristle coir is the longest variety of coir fibre. It is manufactured from retted coconut husks through a process called defibring. The coir fibre thus extracted is then combed using steel combs to make the fibre clean and to remove short fibres. Bristle coir fibre is used as bristles in brushes for domestic and industrial applications.


- Make mattresses with different densities

- Make car seats

- Make Activate carbon

- Make ropes, netting and coir pads

- Make body armors

- Make Erosion and sediment control products

- Make Soundproof barriers

- Make pallets for loading bases

- Make flower container decorations


Color: Brown or White (Golden Brown)

Fibre Length: ~ 2.5 to 8 Inch (6 cm to 20 cm)

Size: ~ 48 x 22 x 18 inch

Bale Weight: ~ 110 Kg - 130 Kg/Bale

Packing: Hydraulically compressed & tightly strapped bale

~155Bales/40 ft. HQ Container (Approximately 20MT)


We offer custom bale formats based on customer’s requirement.