Best Coco Coir Hydroponics for Blueberry Plants

For Growth – Blueberries


Berries are fast becoming the number one sellers in the fresh fruit section of supermarkets. New technologies have been introduced to increase the level of sophistication and improve the quality, quantity and consistency of the supply of berries productions. Berry growers all over the world are looking at all sophisticated, advance growing techniques and options such as a soilless container growing medium to increase the production of the “blue super-fruits.”

Blueberries are fibrous-rooted shrubs that requires acidic soil for better and stronger growth. Traditionally Sulphur has had to be added in the soil to increase the acidity. This takes a tremendous amount of time and labor and it also ruins land. In recent years High Tunnels and Greenhouses have become more popular to growers as they start sooner and extend the growing season, or can produce year-round supply in fully closed greenhouses.

As with most crops that have been grown in the ground for generations, hydroponic blueberries are starting to catch on. With the extensive research with growers in California and Mexico. RIOCOCO introduced BLUMIX for the blueberries. Our custom blueberry mix has the ideal water holding capacity and aeration blueberries require. The pH levels can be adjusted and growing in open top bag helps growers to control the pH as well as the moisture content of the growing medium. Open top bags are available from 4-38 liters (1-10 Gal) multiple sizes also can be custom made. Our BLUMIX has been proven to create healthier roots allowing maximum nutrient uptake resulting in more, delicious fruits.



green starter bluberry 1

Material Blend

Coir Natural Mix and Coir Chips

Water Holding Capacity

5.66 L/Kg

Air Filled Porosity