Social Compliance

Why Sri Lankan Coconut Substrate/ Growing medium?

  • Sri Lanka is well geared to meet global marketplaces which demand for reliable, single source, high quality ethical organic and non-organic coir growing media products.
  • Four decades of experience.
  • ISO Certified Factories: 9001:2015 and 14001:2015.
  • Ethical practices – Substrate products made under the principles of Ethical working conditions, free of child labour, free of forced labour, and discrimination on any grounds.
  • Focus to improve speed on delivery using strategic location advantage, coupled with the conducive business friendly environment within the country.
  • Sri Lankan government quality certification body of Sri Lanka Standard Institution Certified Factories with GMP certification.
  • Investment friendly government policies and strategic shipping advantage.
  • Uninterrupted material supply from the growing number of acers of coconut plantations.
  • At Riococo Lanka (Pvt) Ltd/Ceyhinz Link, Inc, we believe we have a social and moral obligation to not just our environment but our employees as well. We believe if you are doing the minimum, you are just doing enough to get by, that is why we take care of our employees. In Sri Lanka, the minimum age for employment is 18, our minimum is age 20 with a minimum of a High School Diploma. In Sri Lanka, the literacy rate is over 92%, and 90% of students complete secondary education and 50% go through some form of post-secondary education. Why do we do this? Because it is our responsibility to not do the minimum, but to treat everyone fairly.
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