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4 benefits of coconut coir growing media to grow strawberries

Coco coir is a naturally occurring and organic product mainly used as a soilless substrate or growing medium for horticultural applications. Nowadays, many other alternative mediums such as Perlite, Bark, or Rock-wool are used to grow strawberries. Among them, coconut coir substrate is the best one. It’s a proven natural growing media that minimizes peat extraction from eco-sensitive swamps. Moreover, coco coir is a big renewable source and very easy to use. Apart from that, the coir substrate is ideal for enhancing plant yield & quality. Many hydroponic growers prefer using coco coir substrate for several reasons. In this blog, we will discuss 4 fantastic benefits of using coconut coir growing media to grow strawberries.

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  1. Optimum substrate pH

Unlike other growing mediums, coco coir substrate comes with a neutral pH level ideal for growing many flowers and vegetables like strawberries. Generally, neutral and slightly alkaline conditions are ideal for growing plants. When you are using other growing media to enhance a garden bed, considering agricultural lime is essential to combat acidity. Fortunately, limestone is not required for coco coir substrate as it comes with a neutral pH level. So, you do not have to purchase additional pH amendments for the soil.

2. Excellent drainage

The capacity of moisture retention of the coco coir substrate is high. Since it slowly breaks down, the coir starts creating air pockets and allows an excessive amount of moisture to drain away from roots in the soil. Apart from that, coco coir also holds some amount of moisture so that the soil never completely dries out. The dual drainage & retention property of coir substrate allow it to enhance moisture management in both clay soils & sandy, dry beds.

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3. Consistent quality

One of the best things about coir substrate is that it has sans nutrients, & therefore it never adds to soil’s nutrient quality. In addition, heavy-feeding plants like flowers and vegetables need compost amendments or fertilization, but most herbs grow in low-nutrient soils. Since the coco coir substrate adds organic matter to the soil bed, it improves the overall soil quality over time. Annual coco coir amendments may result in aerated and loose soil over time, which is ideal for many garden plants.

4: Sustainably sourced

It takes many years to regrow after harvesting other mediums like peat moss. Whereas, coco coir substrate is a sustainable and big renewable source. This is a 100% organic and natural substrate made of coconut husk that makes growing soilless plants and vegetables simpler. Coco coir is very easy to grow.

The importance of coco coir substrate is huge and it is becoming one of the best growing mediums to grow strawberries day by day. Coconut coir growing media is the best choice for indoor farming. The water retention capacity and neutral pH level make this a perfect option to grow soilless plants. If you are looking for the best quality coco coir substrate, contact RIOCOCO Worldwide. We are the leading coco coir supplier serving a number of clients across the world. Start growing strawberries with our best quality products.