Coconut Coir Growing Media Retains Water and Drains Well

Cultivation professionals are adopting eco-friendly practices, especially when using coconut coir growing media as their preferred substrate. Increasingly competitive markets are pressuring commercial growers towards increasing yields and reducing overhead while looming climate change demands a mindful carbon footprint.

Carefully choosing crop inputs, equipment, and media has never been more important to effectively grow fruit and vegetables. Synchronizing these implements is integral to the cultivation methods necessary for producing substantial, healthy, and more robust crops. Fortunately, growers using  coconut coir growing media, supplied by RIOCOCO, have one less thing to worry about.


Why is Coconut Coir Growing Media Perfect for Hydroponics?

The 100% organic, OMRI, coco coir growing media manufactured by RIOCOCO is the preferred eco-friendly substrate for growing crops hydroponically. Blending coconut coir fiber with fertigation in mind, RIOCOCO uses a mix of chips and pith. Our coco is providing roots with optimum water levels while effectively aerating the root system with 30% oxygen. We’ve worked alongside industry leaders to determine precise air filled porosity levels – helping growers achieve maximum growth rates  is at the core of what we do.

The natural fibers in RIOCOCO coconut coir growing media also possesses anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties: repelling pests and pathogens while facilitating vigorous growth. What’s more, the pH level of 5.5 to 6.5  of this substrate is the perfect range for allowing elements to be fully available for uptake. Nurseries and propagation specialists are using the coconut coir growing media for propagation!

Coco Coir Improves all Production Methods

Pathogens Mitigated by Air Circulation in the Rhizospere

Organic operations are using RIOCOCO coco coir fiber blended with compost and maintaining excellent  air to water ratios, creating maximum aeration for plant roots. By providing enhanced breathability to to root network, and overall structure to the soil, growers are providing the ingredients for optimum vegetative growth.  With this practice agronomist are achieving similar benefits to those gained when planting directly in the coco coir growing media and irrigating with synthetic fertilizer.

Again, the pH levels of coir come into play as an amendment for organic soil blends. While the pH of peat can be acidic and require additional amendments, coconut coir is a pH stabilizing agent when mixing with compost. In addition, the RIOCOCO coconut coir growing media is providing unique germicidal properties; naturally-occurring organic polymers within the fibers (lignins) help in establishing a symbiotic relationship between the coir and plant roots. Studies show lignins can behave like a biostimulant,  enhancing the plants production of secondary metabolites. These biological processes are improving root architecture and plants natural defense mechanisms

Coco Coir is Eco Friendly

Unlike peat moss, our OMRI-certified, 100% organic, coconut coir is ecologically sustainable. A renewable resource, it is obtained directly from ripened coconut husks. The fibers are also providing an enhanced CEC (cation exchange capacity), suppling nutrient cations within the carbon neutral coconut coir growing media. The high CEC improves availability and uptake of potassium, calcium, zinc, and iron from either the nutrient solution or compost.

Final Verdict

The major benefits offered by RIOCOCOs line of coir products speak for themselves. Cultivators worldwide are choosing the solutions offered by RIOCOCOs  products line, ensuring consistent, healthy growth and unsurpassed yields.