Expanding our warehouses and our distributing network

Riococo answered to the rising demand for quality coco

Over the past 5 years, Riococo has made a name for itself among the world’s largest, medium to smallest high tech medium and low-tech cannabis growers. “Before that, since 2004, we’ve made a global brand name among produce growers in 62 countries,” Edward McMahon says. “When we first introduced our 5 times washed, special PCM coir mix for cannabis growers, it started changing the way many growers in cannabis industry looked at coir as a unique, clean, uniform, and controllable growing medium.”

In the US and Canada, they have partnered with many well-known distributors who help stock and make up the Riococo coir distribution network.

– RF Agriculture is based in the LA Area of California, and while their primary area is California, they have the ability to distribute anywhere across the US.

– American Clay Works, ACW, is based in Denver, Colorado. They supply mostly to the Colorado, New Mexico, and Missouri markets.

– Growhaus based outside of Toronto Ontario handles the majority of sales for Riococo PCM Commercial and retail products in Canada.

– Terralink based in Delta, British Columbia, Canada handles sales in BC, and across Canada for Produce and Cannabis growers.

Ceyhinz Link, Inc, is the main marketing and distribution arm for all Riococo brand growing media. “With warehouse located just outside of Dallas, Texas, USA, we can distribute quickly across the US and Canada and are soon to have more warehouses based in the Northeast US. All our warehouses are stacked with plenty of stocks to deliver within days to our existing customers and potential customers,” Edward adds. “So, you do not have to wait an unknown number of months to get your shipment from overseas suppliers who don’t have a clue about the logistics within the USA and the real-time congestion situations in the key US sea ports.”

While other companies are having shortages and supply issues, Riococo has been manufacturing and supplying throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic. “Our production facilities in Sri Lank are operating 24/7 and we do not have any shipping issues with vessels, empty containers, or space problems. Customers can track their containers in real-time with our shipping and tracking information, so they get an idea of the location of their containers in transit. While more global shipping crises continue to emerge, we have found ways to handle our shipments with reliability while avoiding unnecessary delays.”