Established in 2002, RIOCOCO is one of the major Coconut growing media manufacturers from Sri Lanka. At the time, it was almost unimaginable to set up a soilless growing media manufacturing operation. However, the founders of RIOCOCO, Shan & Jenny were convinced of the country’s potential to produce high quality, uniform and consistent coconut growing media and invested in the best land of the South Asian Region. Today, running a global operation and working with some of the largest hydroponics greenhouse crop producers in the world, RIOCOCO is recognized as one of the foremost soilless growing media manufacturers in the region and also as the highest quality single origin growing medium supplier in the world.

The brand was coined after long deliberation of scores of meaningful names bearing a relevance to the coconut. Bryan Heart, a New Zealander, who was behind the discovery of coco peat-based soilless growing media business potential in the USA, came up with the idea to meaningfully incorporate the two words COIR and COCO in the brand name “RIOCOCO”. Spelt backward from the letter ’C’ in the middle, it’s ‘COIR’. Spelt forward from the letter ’C’ in the middle, it’s ‘COCO’. Both COIR and COCO mean Coconut. Since Sri Lanka, which is widely hailed as the “Land Like No Other”, is the source of the growing medium, RIOCOCO has been marketing its brand and products with the bold claim “A Growing Medium Like No Other” paying a silent tribute to the industry’s roots in Sri Lanka.

Today, RIOCOCO not only projects the image of Sri Lanka as one of the world’s major Coconut growers, but also serves high quality soilless growing medium from Sri Lanka to the world. With the waste product of Sri Lanka having become a crucial link of the world food chain, RIOCOCO prides itself on the rare honor and privilege of contributing to feed the world with the crops growing in its world-class soilless growing medium all over the world.