coconut coir substrate

Find 4 prime mileages to choose coconut coir substrate

RIOCOCO offers the economical and 100% natural plant-growing medium of coconut coir substrate that proves to be worthy for both soil-based and hydroponic propagation.

Utilized extensively as a completely organic and adaptable plant growth medium, the coir substrate or fibre is highly acknowledged by agriculturists globally. This naturally renewable resource of coir fibre or coco peat is obtained from the matured coconut husks. Perfect for both soil-based and aquaculture modes of cultivation, the coir product furnish superb mileage for suitably propagating crops. Likewise, using such organic growth medium also delivers enhanced control over crop production, while reducing labour concerns in cultivation. With such unmatched attributes, these natural coconut coir media offers improved quality crops. This fully biodegradable coconut coir substrate can be procured from RIOCOCO, functioning under Ceyhinz Link International Inc.

Get the completely biodegradable medium of coir fibre for suitably cultivating the plantlets

Let’s discover the viable approaches to utilize the coir substrate:

  1. Highly Effective Means for Harvesting Saplings

The 100% organic coir substrate and coir starter blocks prove to be the ideal seed starter medium, assisting the cultivators in suitable crop procreation. In the process, the growers should at first insert the coir material available in the shape of a coir disc or block into the plant seeding mix. Subsequently, the coir fibre needs to be saturated well, before utilizing it in the sowing mixture for highly effective crop generation. Thus, such natural coir starter discs or blocks serve as the ideal harvesting medium for agronomists. Thereafter, when the saplings are ready to be sown, the horticulturists need to position the coir starter blocks or discs by breaking and splitting them into fragments. Eventually, they should be directly added to the soil mix for suitable crop fertilization.

  1. Serves as a Powerful Vermicompost 

Besides, the coir substrate is also used as the most effective natural worm compost that helps to deliver optimum growth for the crops. In this process, the coir fibre can be mixed with any organic manure or humus-like vegetable wastes in the seeding mixture for generating a natural habitat for the dew worms. With this muggy or damp habitation in the soil mix, the dew worms can easily inhabit and ingest the natural humus, thereby creating beneficial worm castings for the proper propagation of the plants.

  1. Functions as a Beneficial Stuffing in the Flowerpots

Moreover, such coir substrate also functions as liners inside the planters, specifically the hanging growers, useful for progressively releasing the water to the roots network. Thus, the agronomists should initially soak the coir fibre for a quarter to half an hour and subsequently add them to the suspended tillers by trimming them, according to the size of the container. Again, the cultivators can also position a plaster padding material that comes with in-built micro pores for proper drainage facility. In the process, one needs to insert the coir liner in the seeding soil mix, before planting the saplings.

coconut coir substrate


  1. Eco-Friendly Agent for Tank Farming Methods 

In addition, this coconut by-product of coir substrate also functions ideally with the hydroponic type of cultivation. Owing to its chemically inert and germicidal properties, the coconut coir fibre proves to be the most appropriate growth medium for crops planted using tank farming methods of propagation. The agronomists can also mix other substances such as peat moss, perlite, or vermiculite with the coir substrate for preventing the decaying of the roots.

To Put It Concisely 

RIOCOCO, the leading supplier of 100% organic by-products of coconut coir substrate, justifies as the one-stop site to procure such sustainable, biodegradable, and economical plant procreation medium. Such coir peat or substrate proves to be the foremost ozone-safe plant-growing medium to harvest crops quickly and efficiently. Therefore, it will be the most prudent choice for agronomists to buy such completely natural by-products of coconut at highly competitive prices only from this most prominent vendor.



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