Buy 100% OMRI-licensed cocopeat grow bags acting as an organic pest controller

Utilized as a highly functional medium for cultivating plants for ages, the plant growing bags are still widely applied by agronomists, and are extremely popular throughout the world. These durable and recyclable grow bags are fabricated of organic coconut coir fiber, therein assisting to propagate the crops and flowers in a sustainable and biodegradable medium for both soil-centric and tank farming techniques of cultivation. Thus, it becomes vital to order such one-of-a-kind cocopeat grow bags from RIOCOCO, the most prominent supplier of 100% natural coco coir merchandise.

The portable coco fiber plant growing bags from RIOCOCO offers anti-fungal qualities

What Prime Mileages Can Be Realized By Introducing Plant Grow Bags From Riococo?

Regulates the Temperature and Evades Inundation

The organic plant growing bags or sacs comes with countless micro-pores throughout their length and breadth, therein proving its worth in regulating the degrees of the soil. Herein, such grow bags can be positioned appropriately as an inside lining between the planters and soil mix. Apportioning the essential warmth to the plants and root system, the organic sacs aids in dispersing the excess torridity from the soil and roots, and generate effective plant growth. In this context, the crop growing bags sustains a cooler temperature in the soil, especially in the hot and humid summertime, whereas it also generates the need for warmth in the chilling wintertime, negating any likelihood of dehydration.

Besides, such coir fiber-made natural bags also aids in effectively eliminating the surplus water from the roots from its underneath through the pre-cut drainage holes and outlets. This method ensures that the root area is not swamped with overwatering issues, therein neutralizing the odds of root decomposition.

Optimally Permeable and Portable 

As these organic coir bags come with endless micro-pores throughout their contours, they spontaneously increase the breathability with enhanced porosity. Thus, this optimized concentration of water holding capacity (WHC), and air-filled porosity (AFP) helps the grow bags to allocate an equal proportion of air to water (50:50) to the roots area, wherein it generates the vital 30% oxygen to the roots, triggering faster plant growth. In this context, it is to be noted that such optimal level of permeability is achieved, as the coir fabric of the bags is kept drenched both in fresh and brine water for months, along with a five-time super-retting process. Hence, it acquires an increased aeration level and the vital micro-minerals for effective crop propagation.

Again, with this augmented level of permeability, the roots can collect their essential micronutrients in both soil-centric and water-based or aquaculture techniques of cultivation. In this context, offering a consistent level of water and air can easily nullify the requirement of supplementary irrigation by up to 70%. Moreover, such bags can be conveniently transported between the indoor and outdoor zone of the house, due to their considerable lightweight attributes. Besides, they come with secured handles made from coco fiber, proving their sturdiness as compared to growers made with metal or ceramics.

Assures Organic Composition with a Neutral Level of pH

The coir fiber or cocopeat bags for growing plants from RIOCOCO are handmade from high-quality matured coconut husks. With completely organic composition, it ensures its reliability to the agronomists through its OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) certified tags. Here, the cultivators are assured of obtaining such grow bags without any chemical additives and fillers, therein justifying its sustainability. Such 100% OMRI-approved bags can be ordered from RIOCOCO in diverse ranges such as the PCM OTBs (Open Top Bags) and CTBs (Close Top Bags), along with green starter bags, and coir grow bags at feasible prices.

Order 100% OMRI-licensed cocopeat grow bags from RIOCOCO at reasonable rates

In addition, these super-washed cocopeat plant bags also come with a balanced rate of pH, i.e. approximately 6.5 to 7. Thus, being neither basic nor acidic, the grow bags can conveniently maintain and expedite the propagation rate of plants with an optimal level of freshwater.

Final Verdict

Factoring into the distinctive upsides of the cocopeat grow bags from RIOCOCO, it is no doubt that such organic bags or sacs with a reduced rate of salt-ions like chlorine and boron can prove to be optimally beneficial for plant propagation, and hence rationally be procured without any second thoughts.

Besides, with effective germicidal facets, it nullifies the use of toxic chemical pesticides, and optimally safeguards the roots from fungal attacks. Over and above, such bags come in assorted dimensions and heights as per the different plant sizes and are attainable in unique UV and climate-controlled pouches.