Pros of Using Coco peat for hydroponics

Gain with the active eco-friendly fillers of coco peat hydroponics from RIOCOCO

Utilizing the adaptable and organic propagation medium of coco peat has been prevalent amongst cultivators globally, especially when considering tank farming methods. Such a 100% natural by-product of coconut husk can prove to be the highly functional biodegradable resource that is exclusive for the aquaculture techniques of procreation.

Obtain 100% organic coir pith material as an effective propagation medium for plants

This natural growth medium helps in generating optimal quality crops and flowers and brings in increased control on the growth of crops by reducing any labour issues in farming. Thus, such coco peat hydroponics products should be derived from RIOCOCO, under the brand name Ceyhinz Link International Inc., optimizing a suitable sustainable environment for agronomists.

How optimally can Coco Peat from RIOCOCO Proves Effective Hydroponic Growth Medium?

The 100% organic by-product of coco peat, or coco coir, or coir pith is a lightweight, non-fibrous, and spongy natural material that binds together the coir fibre in the coconut husk. Unlike, peat moss, the coco coir peat needs less water to obtain a similar level of hydration. Besides, with an optimum level of Water-Holding Capacity (WHC) and Air-Filled Porosity (AFP), the coco coir peat from RIOCOCO is simply a one-of-a-kind natural material that generates the precise condition for the optimal propagation of the crops in different geographical areas and weather conditions.

The coir peat thus comes with super-absorptive attributes, wherein it can absorb up to 10 times the water of its weight. This heightened permeability is acquired through the five-times super washing procedure of the coco coir over a few months in both fresh and brine water, wherein it acquires beneficial bacteria through the continuous retting process and subsequent decomposition. Thus, the coir peat can easily provide the vital 30% vital air supply and oxygen to the roots zone, helping the plant to propagate quickly.

Being extremely lightweight, the coco peat is optimally suitable for the tray agricultural methods of cultivation. In addition, this feasible coir peat consists of a healthy proportion of complex lignin, which is a typical oxygen-producing organic polymer helping actively in devising an essential structural material and water movement to the support tissues of the plants. This unique polymer of lignin in the coir peat brings in the sturdiness in the root system through the absorption of beneficial bacteria, therein negating the hassles of pests and fungus growth.

Moreover, this coir pith also possesses a neutral pH level of 6.5 to 7, whereby the agronomists can directly apply them to the hydroponic solution, without the need of using a lime mixture. This coco coir is available at RIOCOCO in brick or starter block shapes that can be easily broken down and added to the tank farming solution for effective plant propagation. Cultivators can also sometimes add perlite or inflated clay balls with coir pith for obtaining increased mileages of water drainage.

What Distinct Premiums and Usages can be gained by Using Coco Peat Products?

Obtain Eco-Friendly Tank Farming Method 

The coco peat or coir pith is an excellent by-product of coconut that brings in the distinct facets of germicidal quality and also being chemically inert, therein proving to be perfect for tank farming methods. In this context, the cultivators can also utilize substances such as peat moss, vermiculite, and perlite (expanded clay balls), mixing them in the hydroponic nutrient solution for optimally effective plant growth, which also aids in evading root decomposition.

coco peat hydroponics

Highly Functional As a Seed Starter Agent

The completely natural by-product of coconut, the coco peat or coco coir is an optimally effective seed starter medium that assists the agriculturists for effective procreation of crops. The cultivators need to at first add the coir pith in the shape of a disc directly to the nutrient solution in the tank farming method.

Final Verdict

Factoring into the intrinsic upsides furnished by the organic by-product of coco peat hydroponics from RIOCOCO, it will be quite a sensible proposition to order such a cost-effective and energy-efficient propagating medium without keeping any reluctance.