Coconut Coir Wholesale: Healthy Harvest & Big Yields!

Modern hydroponic growers are choosing coco coir for several reasons, and should be mindful of details essential to maintaining consistent production. Those seeking wholesale coco coir for sale  should consider these important questions: 

  • How this medium is manufactured?
  • What are the basic types of coconut coir?
  • Where to buy coconut coir wholesale?


In this post, we discuss some important  about this grow medium, plus how to buy coconut coir wholesale and secure the best prices. 


A RIOCOCO Manufacturing Facility


How Coco Coir Is Produced

Coconut coir is a fibrous by-product of the coconut industry. Sri Lanka has been a mainstay in this industry for over a century, with innumerable hectares of inland coconut plantations. Manufacturers of coconut coir such as Riococo use the fibers torn from coconut shells. Grains of coconut coir are extracted from the shell of the coconut and compressed into a brick, bag or other form.

Numerous Mixes and Sizes

How Coco Coir is Graded

Managing moisture levels is one of the most important aspects to growing in a soilless substrate. With  Riococo coconut coir this is managed easily by blending different types of coir. Coco coir substrates can be divided into three distinct categories:

  • Pith. Has a consistency of large coffee grounds. Holds the most water of these three. Sometimes referred to as “cocopeat”. 
  • Fiber. Larger than pith with a consistency of horsehair but coarser. Holds less water (by volume) than pith. Bridges the gap between high water holding capacity and high level aeration.
  • Chips. Relatively large compared to pith and fiber. Holds the least water of these three, but much more than agricultural aggregates. High cation exchange capacity and low compressed volume make it an excellent substitute for perlite.

Riococo combines different ratios of the above grades to manufacture several high quality coco coir mixes. These blends are specifically produced for individual cultivars, growth stages, etc. Riococo also manufactures custom blends to the unique specifications needed by growers of high-value crops.

RIOCOCO Distributes Worldwide

Where to Buy Coco Coir Wholesale

In the commercial horticulture industry there are many growers seeking solutions to generating efficient yields while maintaining, and increasing, profit margins. Growers  buying wholesale coco coir direct through a dependable manufacturer like RIOCOCO can expect to increase their overall margins in multiple ways:

  • One source reduces time expended working with multiple vendors
  • Custom blends reduce labor by eliminating in-house mixing
  • Consistent quality increases plant health and marketable yield

Healthy Roots = Healthy Fruits

Summing It Up

Efficient operations have big yields at harvest, and operations using coco coir as their soilless substrate become more efficient. Growers who choose Riococo coco coir products see abundant aeration, allowing for quick establishment of the root system. Riococo is also steam sterilized and tested for harmful pathogens before shipment,  eliminating the risk of pests seen it other mediums.

Coconut coir bricks, bags, and more are quickly becoming the most popular growing medium for use by hydroponic growers from all around the world. Find wholesale coco coir for sale now; choose Riococo, the leading in manufacturer and wholesaler of high quality coco coir – at the best prices that you can’t find elsewhere. Look no further!

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