growing bags for strawberries

Find 3 key merits to order growing bags for strawberries

RIOCOCO offers 100% organic growing bags for strawberries that are certified by OMRI for sustainable production of strawberry crops that are lightweight and reusable.

The top-of-the-line method of procreating crops such as strawberries has been extensively practiced for eons, which has been transformed into an eco-friendly trend in these times. Formerly utilized as woven baskets and mesh bags, such growing bags have nowadays got refined into modern sacs that are made with 100% organic and renewable coir substrate or fiber. The USP of these plant growing bags is that they come with excellent water absorbing abilities; owing to their 5-times super washing procedures in both fresh and salty water.

Protect the strawberry plant and root network from overwatering and torridity with the lightweight and recyclable plant growing bags

These sustainably-composed grow bags are uniquely graded and made with coco coir slabs and coco peat. Moreover, such super-washed bags are utilized for both soil-based and tank farming methods and are the preferred choice for most agriculturists globally. Hence, it will be a prudent proposition for the agronomists to buy such an organic medium of growing bags for strawberries, and enjoy an expedited growth medium for the strawberry crops.

Here are some key perspectives for choosing growing bags for harvesting strawberries:

  1. Fully Renewable and Organic Lightweight Growing Bags

Such plant-growing sacs or bags are composed of 100% organic medium, as they come certified by OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute), thus portraying their sustainability. These exclusive growing bags or green starter bags are created through a rigorous five-stage super-washing procedure. Uniquely designed, such plant grow bags can deliver the highest level of water-holding capacity (WHC), and air-filled porosity (AFP), thus can be best for cultivating strawberries.

Again, such uniquely blended plant-growing bags come in a diverse range of products like the PCM OTB (Open Top Bag), and the PCM CTB (Close Top Bag). In addition, these bags or sacs are profoundly lightweight and compact, while completely biodegradable and renewable assisting in successive steps of strawberry harvesting. Furthermore, as such plant-growing bags never require any chemical fillers or stabilizers for growth, they happen to be the one-stop choice for strawberry cultivators.

  1. Increased Permeability and Protection from Inundation and Torridity

Likewise, these plant-growing bags are handcrafted with 100% natural coir substrate, hence delivering increased retaining capabilities, and higher porosity and breathability. With such super water-absorbing attributes, they can retain up to 10x water of its mass, hence delivering effective growth for the strawberries.

Owing to their incredible absorbency level, these bags can uniformly allocate the vital 30% air circulation to the root network, thus boosting the accelerated growth of the strawberry plants. Again, these coir substrate-made plant growing bags for strawberries help the root system store all the essential micronutrients from both soil-free and soil-based cultivation methods.

Moreover, these sacs or bags also help to suitably adjust the level of heat inside them, hence never creating any overheating scenario of the roots. In addition, to the exclusively porous structure, such plant growing bags helps to disperse the surplus heat from the root area, hence sustaining a suitable temperature for the strawberry crops. Owing to its same permeable framework, these plant-growing bags can easily remove the dilemmas of inundation, hence protecting the roots from overwatering scenarios and further decomposition.

Find the 100% organic and biodegradable growing bags for strawberries as the most sustainable and highly effective growth medium from RIOCOCO

  1. Organic Pest Control Medium with a Reduced Salt-Ion Ratio

Moreover, such coir-made grow bags for the strawberries also deliver highly effective germicidal properties, as they come with unique anti-fungal and anti-bacterial facets. Besides, such sacs or bags for the plants act as a completely organic pest management medium, thus safeguarding the entire root system and strawberry plants, without any chemical insecticides. Furthermore, such growing bags come with a lower rate of salt ions, thus easily preventing the toxic chemicals of boron and chlorine from harming the root system.

The Bottom Line

RIOCOCO justifies its authenticity as the premium supplier of this 100 % organic coir substrate growing bags for strawberries, hence satisfying the sustainable cultivating needs of agronomists. These highly effective natural plant-growing bags come in UV-safeguarded sacs that are completely weather-resistant. Moreover, such bags can be ordered in discrete heights and dimensions, which can be effortlessly adjusted to the particular size of the strawberry plants. In addition, they can also be used for the aquaculture method of strawberry cultivation, whereupon they can be grown on planks.

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